Carol Ann Fitzpatrick

1946 ∼ 2021

Todd Movsessian of Waltham, MA. wrote:

To the Fitzpatrick family, I am so sorry for your loss. Carol was a lovely lady who adored her family and grandchildren. She will be missed dearly. May she Rest In Peace. Love, Todd Movsessian & DanielleTagg.

Nancy Virta of Marshfield, Ma wrote:

My heart breaks for Carol's family. I never had the privilege to meet her, but I think I might have known her thru the smiling eyes of her daughter, Dawn, and her grandchildren. A great mother raises great daughters and I think you did an amazing job. Carol's family and Dawn's is all about heart, love, loyalty, caring, generosity, fun, family . . . this isn't something that you learn in a book. It comes from a life full of love and caring. I am sure Carol's heart and love will carry thru her children, and their children and each generation ahead. I am sure Carol is resting in peace with a smile on her beautiful face and a heart bursting with pride. My hat's off to you, Carol. Good job. Sending prayers and love, Nancy Virta

kathleen fitzgerald of kingwood, tx wrote:

our sincerest sympathy at this time. carol and i were young friends from about the age of 12. she was a big sister to me , a mentor ,a loving, kind,awesome friend. carol was an inspiration in spirit and concern for all who knew her. she was a wonderful wife and mother, nana, daughter,sister, Godmother, mother-in-law, volunteer. Carol’s legacy is of laughter and joy. we will miss her always but will always have her in the sound of the ocean, smile of babies, gingerbread houses, amazing peonies and hydrangea. hugs sweetie love you

Ron & Mary Jane DeShong of Fort Lauderdale, Florida wrote:

Please accept our deepest sympathy for your loss. We miss you guys.

Brian Fitzgerald of Kingwood, Texas wrote:

to Tom and all the kids and grandkids: Carol was one of those few and very special people you meet during your life. Over a 57 year friendship Kathy and I thru all the good times, celebrations and some sorrows Carol was a friend who imparted comfort and strength at a level I don’t believe she realized. Over distance and time we all picked up right where we left as if we lived next door. I hope you all can draw some comfort in knowing how positively Carol affected many lives. We cherish our friendship over the years as we remember Carol and keep Carol and all you in our thoughts and prayers.

Terri )Rodericks) Machado of East Freetown MA wrote:

Carol was a wonderful gal. We were cousins. Emily was my mom’s sister-in-law. My mom was married to Daniel, Emily’s brother. Daniel died in World War II. They had Anne. However Dan never met his daughter. Carol was a year older. We went to the Worlds Fair in New York. We took a bus out of New Bedford. No parents, no siblings, just the two of us. We had so much fun. Probably couldn’t do that today. Carol was a bridesmaid in our wedding in 1967. Loved her so much. We haven’t been in touch for years but she always was in my heart. Prayers for the family. Hopefully your wonderful memories will help you through the days ahead. Love Terri

Andrea Wallack of Waltham Ma wrote:

My deepest sympathies to all of you. Beautiful words. May she Rest In Peace.

MARLENE SETTANNI of Bethel, CT wrote:

With her infectious grin and compassionate, loving nature, my beautiful sister-in-law Carol painted the world in sure and vibrant colors, leaving it an infinitely kinder, more joyful place. She gave great hugs.

Elaine Prager of Boynton Beach, FL. 33436 wrote:

My heart goes out to you Scott and Allison and family. Remember All the wonderful memories Love you all

Pat Probert of W, Wareham, Ma. 02576 wrote:

Carol's love and compassion for others knew no bounds. She will be forever missed!

Phyllis (Oun) Scarpone of Murrells Inlet wrote:

I had the pleasure of growing up with Carol in New Fairfield and have some wonderful memories of the Gonsalves family. I will treasure the years we shared, from grammar school through high school. My sympathy to Tom and the family.

Peter Griffin of Windham, NH wrote:

I am so sorry to read about your loss. It is always a shock but lets hope the great memories will help to neutral that loss. My thoughts and prayers are with the Fitzpatrick family.

Ann and Kevin Brown of Onset wrote:

Dear Fitzpatrick family I am sending you love and hugs at this difficult time. I will cherish all my memories of your Wife,Mom,Grandmother always. Her friendship in my life is and has always been special ❤️ What a beautiful tribute in your video, everything she cherished the most.

Nicole Fitzpatrick of Plymouth, MA wrote:

It’s hard to put into words what Carol meant to me. There are so many ways that she has shown me such kindness these past 22 years that I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of her life. From the way she welcomed me, without question, into her family and her heart when I was a lost young woman making lots of mistakes trying to find my way in the world. To the way she never judged but rather asked “how can I help”. Wareham was her special place by the ocean and I believe her favorite place to be, especially when her family came to share it with her. Yet she gave that cottage to Matt and I without hesitation when we were just starting our family and needed some help getting on our feet. She was the one who helped me plan our wedding. She was the one who came to help me shortly after I had Cassidy, when work took Matt to Alaska for a month, and I had never done anything more than hold a baby. When gluten-intolerance was still just weird and unknown and hard to believe, she took me at my word and always made sure I had plenty to eat at every family get-together. And the family get-togethers... she had such a dedication to her family, and her home (and heart) were always open to any of us or all of us. When she and Tom rebuilt their home at 38 Ivy Street, it was designed to be the perfect place to host her ever growing family. It’s so hard to imagine those gatherings without seeing her smile, but I know she will be there, forever and always, in our hearts and on our minds. Surely God has a special place in heaven for Carol Fitzpatrick and her smile is his now but it’s warmth will surely be felt by all of us left behind. I’m a different person for knowing her, a better person, and I know I’m not the only one. Thank you Carol, and Rest In Peace. We love you.

Cohen Fitzpatrick of Plymouth, MA wrote:

Thank you, Nana for everything you have done. You have made so many fantastic memories for me and the entire family, going from family vacations and Christmas eve, to spending time on the beach. Many of my favorite memories have been from spending time with you. I can't thank you enough for everything that you have done, and I will miss you. Love you.

Cassidy wrote:

Papa, I want you to know that we love you and are here for you. Nana was such an important part of our family and we will all miss her. I believe that part of her will stay with us always through the love and memories she shared with so many. Love, Cass

Linda thornton of Onset ma wrote:

I just wanted to send my deepest sympathy to the family of Carol. I can truly say I have never seen so much love for a wife and mother as I saw her husband and daughters gift to this wonderful women. Thomas you stay strong . I will also miss her. You did such a beautiful job taking care of your wife and your best friend. GOD BLESS. Linda receptionist Tobey Hospital